What is Mood.gg Desktop for League of Legends? Click here for a video demo!

Downloading Mood.gg Desktop for League of Legends will allow you to control Mood.gg while IN GAME using CUSTOM KEYBOARD COMMANDS. For example, to forward to the next song all you need to do is press "Shift" and "B" at the same time or to turn the volume down press "Shift" and "N" (you can set these later to whatever you want!). This will work even if you're in a fullscreen game of League of Legends! Mood.gg Desktop won't ever minimize or disrupt your game.

Important security details, READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING

Mood.gg Desktop uses a keyboard listener which is able to detect what keys have been pressed on your keyboard using JNativeHook (Check them out here). This functionality is ONLY used when the application is running. While this software helps Mood.gg Desktop know what you have pressed, it DOES NOT store any data after each keypress. Why is this being used? When you are in game, you have the ability to skip to the next song by hitting “Shift" and "B”. The application will detect that you pressed these keys and forward to the song without disrupting your game. If you have any questions or concerns about this please feel free to contact me by clicking the “Contact Me” button above!

Download Instructions for Windows (7, 8, 10)
Download Instructions for Mac