Click here to go straight to the API Docs where you can also find examples of how to use the API in Java, Python, and C#. If you need assistance at any point, click "Contact Me" above.

The Code Behind the Computer Vision Powered Desktop App Desktop for Overwatch actually detects what hero someone is playing while they are playing the game. That way if they switch heroes, the desktop app detects this in real-time, and it will automatically switch playlists! It does this by taking screenshots of the users game screen and running them though a deep convolutional neural network built in TensorFlow.js that I trained to detect heroes!

Read the blog post about how I did it here.
Get the Python code/trained Keras model to DeepOverwatch here.
Get the Javascript code to the entire desktop app built with Electron.js + TensorFlow.js here.

Are you a beginner? U GOT DIS.

When I first started coding it was boring as fuckkkkkk. I was a computer science major in college and didn't like programming at all. All my school assigments seemed pointless and I didn't understand why anyone would ever wanna code. But, then I started using the Riot API. It was hella fun building little programs for my favorite game, and that's what got me started. That's why I built this API. I think some really cool things could be built using the API like Discord Bots, Android Apps, Spotify Add-Ons, etc. Even if you are a super beginner, try your best and build something cool :). And click "Contact Me" above if you ever need anything!